History of Mike the Greek

  Well this is about ME, past history of some things I have done. Born July 7, 1945 in Wilmington Delaware. (yes, a war baby) My departed father came to USA from Greece at the age of 14. My departed mother was a English-American (Kirk). I have lived in the US all my life and I only know the English language. By being half Greek, I was called "Mike the Greek" later on in life. Then at another time I nicknamed myself "Master of Disaster" after a fire explosion in 1984. The dates below are as close as I can remember now days.
As a kid enjoyed building plastic models and model cars in my early teens. I even won 1st place in a model car contest in 1960. In the mid 1960's I decided to go to trade school to learn auto body repair. To me this would be the basic to doing custom body work later on. After school I went to work as a helper in a body shop. During the first year I was able to start buying my body tools and still have some of them now. In 1967 I started work as a automotive body technician after a year in school learning it. As I can recall the following, I think the dates are close.


 My First Custom Car

  My so-called 1st custom car was a 1961 Falcon, 2-door station wagon. (see photos here) Which I did around 1968 when I lived in Jackson TN, also did some custom body work to it then which was so-so then. During this time I did some custom painting while I was in Tennessee. I think I still have some photos from then.
  Around May 1969 I found a 1965 2-door Chevelle "Nomad" station wagon. This was a plain jane if ever with 283 c.i. and powerglide transmission, nothing else. This was my 2nd custom, mostly just a custom paint job and home made custom expanded aluminum gold grille. (see photos Click Here)
  One summer I went to Palatine IL (northwest of Chicago) and worked for "Dave Puhl's House of Custom". (view photos here)  I was there in July 69 when he started to build the Phase II mid-engine show car. Does anyone remember him, much of his custom work was in the Rod & Custom magazines in the 60's & 70's. I did not stay long, I had to go back south for the winter.


 My 1967 Custom Mustang

  Later on I started back building a few custom model cars at home in my spare time. Think I may still have some photos of them somewhere too. (some photos here soon)
  In 1971 I built my 3rd custom car, a 67 Mustang. It took me about 6 months in my spare time to build. I drove the Mustang to a few of the Street Machine Nationals in Memphis TN. 1973 & 1974. Building the Customized Mustang (Click Here) 4 pages.
The 1967 Mustang was also featured in the May 1976 issue of  "Street Machine" magazine.

  In about 1974 I started doing custom body work and painting on cars, vans and trucks in Raleigh. My business was named, "Kreative Kustoms by Mike the Greek"
Drawing Ideas I once had to build a full mid-engine car. (Click Here)  
In time I will add more information when I can. I will post more of the custom work I did as I dig out the photos to scan.


 My First Luxury Sports Car

  In August 2011  I purchased a 1991 Buick Reatta hardtop coupe, White with light Slate Gray interior. This is a true American hand built luxury sport car, now a Classic Car. The 1991 model was the last year of the Reatta. Only 1,214 coupes and 305 convertibles were built the last year.  
Buick Reatta: 1988-1991, only 4 years in production, a total of 21,751 were built during these years.
Design of the Buick Reatta     . . . . You Tube Videos

I sold this car in December 31, 2014